The building is a former barn, has a antiquity of 120 years and it was an annexe of the house of tillage of the grandfather, Felisindo.It´s placed in the village of Outeiro de Orraca, which more probable origin is that of a medieval country house, one of so many created in the middle ages in Allariz's municipality and as his name it´s logical to tie it to Dona Urraca's name, very related to Allariz's history that governed for direct order of Alfonso VI that transform Allariz into Royal Villa. The village it´s near to "Causeway", a derivation of the route XVIII th, which communicates with other one that joins Celanova with Ourense. The village lived until middle of the 20 th century of the agricultural and cattle activity, combining the production of cereals, potatoes, meat and milk destined to the sale and to the self-consumption.